While discussing the plan of action for the future Italian Symphony site and its contents, Marco, Simone and I also took the creation of tutorials/guides written in Italian into consideration.

Our very first quick and rough idea was to writing tutorials/guides in Italian to be translated in English later and/or translating the already available tutorials/guides from English to Italian.

As a second step we immediately thought writing tutorials/guides only reachable in the Italian Symphony site was not such a wise move, since it would have resulted into merely scattering the documentation. We thought that collecting all the reading matter in a single website – maybe a multilingual one – would have been definitively a better and smarter option.

At this point Simone had a flash and remembered the idea of a website fully dedicated to documenting Symphony has been already touched somewhere in the forum. I dug a little and I found the following excerpts in an article Allen wrote in the blog:

[…] documentation will be split into its own Symphony Network site. This allows the evolution of the docs site to improve faster than the main site.

[…] The Symphony docs site is currently sitting with Brendan Abbott. His plan is to workshop it with Nick Dunn during his stay abroad in London.

The article was published on the 6th of July but we are not able to remember if any further deepening on the subject has ever been written: is there any news?

I don't think Brendan and Nick managed to find enough time to go over the docs site idea.

Since the docs site will be based on Symphony Factory (as is, with all official Symphony network sites), I'm sure Johanna and Nils would love to have more people help them with it.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to see how many people would volunteer to join a docs site task force and help build the docs site once Symphony Factory is ready and released.

I do know that all docs will be managed via repositories at github, so if you guys do start to write any, just stick them into a repo and it's a good start.

Ah seems cool to have docs managed via github - would def be much easier for anyone to contribute. Any particular structure for the repo so we avoid unnecessary commits later on?

I agree with Jonathan and I think it would be good to discuss a little how to structure the tutorials/guides too – in particular in respect of the way the contents will be structured, organized, stored and integrated in the Symphony Docs site, so that – when collected together – they would all be/appear as the result of a common strategy.


maybe once the subject is a bit clearer a “call to tutorials” could be promoted via the forum.

Sounds good.

"A call for screencasts" would be good as well.

To allow comments on every docs page would be a nice feature! It would be good to clear up questions.

To allow comments on every docs page would be a nice feature! It would be good to clear up questions.

Those would get quite long and messy after a while and also splits user content between those comments and the forum. I'd rather have people comfortably open new threads on the forum to post questions there.

agree with phoque - or otherwise since its on github we could also have issues leading to how a particular tutorial/screencasts could be improved.

As regards screencasts I think its a cool idea but probably we should first focus on tutorials have them 'approved' then maybe have these same tutorials converted into screencasts so one could follow anyway; and refer back without having to go through the screencast every time.

Anyone who is interested in doing docs stuff, just let us know here and someone will dump a shed load of work in your lap.


Seriously though, if anyone is interested, all ideas are listened to. We have a content repo already on the Symphony github page that Jonas Downey, Craig Czheng and myself used to use, but that ground to a halt a while back for unforseen reasons.

I would suggest for now to follow the same structure as Jonas thought long and hard about it.

I would be interested.

We have a content repo already on the Symphony github page that Jonas Downey, Craig Zheng and myself used to use.

(Fixed Craig's last name.)

@designermonkey, when you refer to the "content repo", do you mean the docs repository?

Yes. And the other one that I had submitted articles to here. I had forgotten about the former, but that is the one I would use as a reference, or at least an idea.

Nick and Brendan are going to get round to it, when Brendan is more available next year I believe. But anyone can make a start in any way they can, it's the writing that needs doing!

If you already have any specific ideas how the docs should be presented on the site, please give us feedback for Factory which we like to finalise during the course of November and release in December.

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