When using the members extension:

Is it possible to filter a section by the role of the current logged in member?

For example: I have different news items (entries) which I want to show to logged in users with role A and with logged in users with role B.

How can this be done? Can it be done?

You could use the$member-role parameter to filter the DS.

Yes, but on which field can I filter it? There is no field called 'available roles' or something which I can attach to my news entries. Or am I missing something here?

Since you are only looking for dedicated roles anyway, you might simply add a Select Box field to your section (using static values).

Ah, I just saw that it might as well work using the Member: Role field in your content section!

Yeah, I tried that, but in my case I need to be able to select more than one role, as a news item may be visible for role A and B, but not C. So it should be a multiselect and not a single-select (which is the Member: Role-field).

You think the Member: Role field can be adjusted to fit my needs or do I need to create my own extension for this? I already made an extension that fits my needs yesterday, but in my opinion something like this should work out-of-the-box. Or am I still missing something here?

I think that question should be asked to Brendan, he would have more of an idea of that.

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