From the Event docs:

This recovery code be seen by outputting the Member: Password field in a datasource once this event has completed, or by outputting the event result.

Can someone explain how I can email this code to the member? Obviously I don't want to display this on the site frontend as that is a security issue, and the Email Template Manager seems a massive overkill for this as it's the only email I will send from the site (also it isn't 2.3.1 compatible yet).

Ok, if I was to go down the ETM route (as it has a 2.3.x branch), how would I go about doing this? I've read the ETM thread from the beginning, and there is no tutorial for this. There is also no way of attaching an event filter to a Member event, so what do I do here?

You guys know me, I'm normally pretty good at figuring this stuff out, but I don't even know where to begin here.

The page I'm using to generate the recovery code redirects to a 'Code Sent' page. Is this the page I attach the Email filter to? Do I need another event here? Also, as the Member is not logged in ( to get a recovery code) how do I know what Member to use to send the code to?

Really stuck and got a very short timescale on this, so if anyone can help me out, I will give you big man hugs.

Ok, i have done this just recently...
You can use the etm filter on your 'Members: Generate Recovery Code' event. (i could)
Attach your 'member datasource' to your email template and use this filter on the datasource: {$etm-entry-id}
That wil filter the datasource by the emailadres which the form is sent to…, so you can grab the correct recovery code, which should be in the datasource. Hope this makes sense...

Cheers Martijn,

I've got that bit now, but I have a problem with the name part of a recipient. The names we have in the system are stored as Company, Lastname, Firstname (as we don't have control over whether it is a company or a person) and the commas are making the recipient invalid.

Not sure what I can do here.

Double post.

Try something like:

{/data/foo/entry/firstname} {/data/foo/entry/lastname} <{/data/foo/entry/email}>


Does {concat(/data/foo/entry/firstname, ' ', /data/foo/entry/lastname)} not work?

Funnily enough I had this exact issue, but haven't attempted to resolve it yet as it's low priority, for now I'm just using the 'username', but I will need to change that to first-last soon!

It was my bad guys. I'm so sleepy from 17hr days for two weeks on this project that I missed the obvious flaw I had of not adding the email to the recipient... I'd added the name twice.

It all works and is sending the email now, and all I have to do is figure out the correct xml structure that the Member Password field outputs, and then also add all the error catching stuff in the xsl.

This has been all day...

It's definitely going on my list to get some proper tutorials sketched out for this stuff. adds to list

Haha, that's the reasoning behind at least 90% of errors we all encounter! Does make me wonder what the issue with mine was then… likely something similar!

Haha, that's the reasoning behind at least 90% of errors we all encounter!

That, and I think my brain is the size of a walnut :)

Do I grab the recovery-code generated from the event xml or from the entry datasource in order to send the code via email? It's not 100% clear what needs to happen here..



Ok, got it.. there is a /data/'mymemberssection'/entry/password/recovery-code that can be used in the ETM email..

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