5 December 2011
Events, and Third Party Integration




The Highrise extension allows you to add Contacts to your Highrise account via Symphony events.


  1. Upload the /highrise folder to your Symphony /extensions folder.
  2. Enable it by selecting the "Highrise" extension from System > Extensions, choose Enable/Install from the With Selected menu, then click Apply.
  3. You can now add the "Highrise" filter to your Events.


  1. Go to your Highrise account and get your API Token (My Info > API Token). Add this to the preferences page.
  2. Create an event and attach the Highrise filter to the Event
  3. Create your form in the XSLT and add highrise[field][first-name] (as this is the minimum Highrise requires to create a new Person).

The $field-first-name syntax will get the value of the when posting to Highrise.

<input name="highrise[field][first-name]" value="$field-first-name" type="hidden" />

If your form only captures Name as a single field, you can pass 'name' and the extension will automatically split the value on the first space. eg. Bob Jones Smith will be entered in Highrise as First Name: Bob, Last Name: Jones Smith.

<input name="highrise[field][name]" value="$field-name" type="hidden" />

Generally speaking, this filter will map your form fields according to the Highrise Data Reference. There is a bit of magic available for you though to make this a bit easier.

If you want to add an email address to a Highrise record, the API wants:

      <id type="integer">1</id>
      <location>#{ Work || Home || Other }</location>

That's pretty verbose, so just pass highrise[field][email-address] which will produce:


You can add multiple tags to a record by separating them with a comma:

<input name="highrise[field][tags]" value="tag 1, tag 2" type="hidden" />

There is no support for custom fields yet (aka, subject_datas). If you need it, fork it, add it and submit a pull request :)


0.2 (5th December 2011)

  • Add support for company field
  • Bug fixes

0.1 (20th October 2011)

  • Initial release


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  • An Apache or Litespeed webserver
  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

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