26 June 2012
Interface, Multilingual, Translations, and Workflow



Frontend Localisation

Offers an integrated solution to localise the Frontend of your site.

  • Version: 1.0
  • Build Date: 2011-12-23
  • Authors:
  • Requirements:
    • Symphony 2.2 or above
    • At least one frontend language driver. See Adding a Language Driver in 4.1 Frontend Language section.

Thank you all other Symphony & Extensions developers for your inspirational work.

1 Synopsis

Frontend localisation in Symphony (and other systems) implies coverage of two problems:
1. Frontend language detection and (optional) redirect mechanism.
2. Translation mechanism of static text, whether it's a few words long or a few paragraphs.


2 Features

For site builders:

  • Admin UI for Translations management (usable by Authors as well)
  • changeble Language Driver
  • changeble Reference Language
  • Translations consolidation on uninstall
  • one button update of all language Translations referencing Reference Language
  • offers one Datasource with strings from all Translations attached to current page and one Datasource with current languages from Language Driver.

For PHP developers:

  • unifies Frontend language drivers in one access point.



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Symphony • Open Source XSLT CMS

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.3-5.6 or 7.0-7.3
  • PHP's LibXML module, with the XSLT extension enabled (--with-xsl)
  • MySQL 5.5 or above
  • An Apache or Litespeed webserver
  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

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