Field->buildDSRetrivalSQL is now deprecated by Field->buildDSRetrieval. This functions identically, the typo has just been corrected.

Bug Fixes

  • #617 Taglist styling issue
  • Run General::sanitize on Taglist values in the backend to prevent errors
  • Fix issue with General::array_to_xml and nested arrays
  • Fix Upload field when used as a Dynamic Option with Select Box fields
  • #612 SMTP email: No reply-to if no name is given
  • #611 Fix broken encoding when URL parameters were sent separated by & instead of &
  • #610 Close potential security hole in the Upload field.
  • #607 Update General::sendEmail documentation
  • Fix styling issue on XSLT error pages
  • #604 Allow " and ' in Static DS's
  • #602 Set a default timezone when installing Symphony
  • #600 Handle Dates before 1st Jan 1970 again (broken since Beta 1)
  • #597 Make DynamicXML DS's work again (broken since Beta 1)
  • Fix potential security flaw in the Send Mail filter
  • Remove the show_association column from Select Box entry tables, it should of only been added to the sym_fields_select table
  • Initialise the Cookie/Sessions object ASAP so that Session information is available as early as possible
  • #596, #593, #592 Fix bug with filtering on the Date field, this may cause some of your datasources to function a little differently (although now correctly) than what is expected.
  • #591 Fix copy as Markdown on Exceptions
  • #588 Don't force ucwords Field Types or Authors
  • #587 Default navigation group no longer always defaults to Content
  • #583, #581: Author::commit now returns the author_id when updating
  • Event 'delete' button styling restored
  • Fixed Configuration::remove()
  • Fixed AuthorManager::fetchByUsername()
  • Fixed EventPreEdit delegate
  • General::deleteFile will now handle Exceptions
  • General::countWords will now return the correct word count instead of 0
  • Author->get() now returns $this->_fields for the Author instead of null when no $field is passed
  • Static Datasources will now be appended to the Static Datasource's root element, not the root element of the XML

Minor Updates

  • Update Export Ensemble to 1.13
  • Update Image JIT Manipulation to 1.10
  • Correctly detect 'missing' or 'invalid' error types for fields whose input is an array in Event XML
  • Removed some old unneeded code from EntryManager->__buildEntries
  • #598 Improve FrontendPageNotFoundException logging to provide more information to the user.
  • #595 Select Box's now has sorting option that will sort all Static and Dynamic values together, or respect the Static Options order as entered in the Section Editor
  • #594 Popup copy for deletion confirmation is not tailored to each section and can now be localised.
  • In the Gateway class, only set FOLLOWLOCATION if safemode is off AND openbasedir is empty which improves compatibility with some hosts.
  • General documentation improvements and amends
  • Add indexes to the correct columns for the sym_sessions and sym_cache tables
  • Add further Security rules to the .htaccess, which are now included in the updater
  • The Author field can now be optional
  • Improved the error handling of the Send Mail filter
  • Minor cleanup of the Cookie and Symphony class.
  • #590 General documentation improvements
  • #550 A new Reducing Duplicator is available. This allows elements to be used once in a Select Box greatly improving the usability of the Section and Datasource Editor
  • #571 New delegate AddSectionElements allows developers to add elements to the Section Editor form
  • Dates can now be parsed in non American formats if they conform to the __SYM_DATETIME_FORMAT__
  • Added Field->tearDown() which is called when a Field are removed from a Section
  • Static and Dynamic Datasources will now return the errors that make them invalid in the XML
  • XSLT Utilities are now clickable in the Utility Editor allowing them to be quickly imported into the current template
  • All Exceptions have their templates abstracted into the TEMPLATES folder allowing them to potentially be overwritten
  • Sessions garbage collection changes reduced to 10%, garbage collection query is much faster
  • Session will no longer check for the existent of Sessions table on every page load, this logic is contained within the installer
  • Empty Sessions will no longer be saved in the Database
  • You can now filter using the system:date pseudo field. This accepts the same filtering options as the core Date field.
  • EventPreSaveFilter delegate now passes $fields by reference.
  • EventPreSaveFilter, EventPostSaveFilter delegates can now handle a fourth option for $filter_result arrays that allow attributes to be added to the filter XML
  • EventFinalSaveFilter now is passed the $filter_results as well as messages. errors is now passed by reference and will be appended to the event XML.
  • DatasourcePreCreate and DatasourcePreEdit delegates now have four additional parameters, $params, $elements, $filters, $dependencies
  • EventPreCreate and EventPreEdit delegates now have one additional parameter, $filters

Symphony • Open Source XSLT CMS

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.3-5.6 or 7.0-7.3
  • PHP's LibXML module, with the XSLT extension enabled (--with-xsl)
  • MySQL 5.5 or above
  • An Apache or Litespeed webserver
  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

Compatible Hosts

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