New Features

The Associations Drawer allows relationships between entries to be visualised better. To see in action, click on the Associations button in the subheading on any entry that has related entries (@designermonkey, @nilshoerrmann)

  • #1712 - Add new delegate into contentPublish, AdjustPublishFiltering. (@designermonkey)
  • #1701 - Add jQuery 2.0.3, remove jQuery 1.9 and the jQuery Migrate plugin (@brendo)
  • #1692 - Added a new Author type, Manager which just has access to create additional users (@designermonkey)
  • Tracking Markdown 1.16

Bug Fixes

  • #1782 - Update all core extensions removing references to the old Symphony domain (@brendo)
  • #1781 - Inline the installation/updater logs when something goes wrong instead of attempting to link directly to the file (@brendo)
  • #1780 - Fix MySQL query in the 2.3 migration that prevented adding modification columns to the entries table (@michael-e)
  • #1778 - Correct the deletion of files in the Core Upload field not resolving unless they were in the root of the /workspace folder (@brendo)
  • #1777 - Fix the Retrieve Password page so that it's working once again (@brendo)
  • #1776 - Make the Suggestions plugin opt-in with the class, .suggestable, to prevent issues where it was taking over UI when it wasn't intended (@brendo)
  • #1775 - Fix file duplication logic. (@vlad-ghita)
  • #1773 - When a Select Box had no states saved, prevent an error throwing in PHP5.3 (@brendo)
  • #1770 - Don't trust email server responses, encode their errors (@michael-e)
  • #1764 - Fix suggestions in the DataSource editor from being cut off (@brendo)
  • #1759 - SectionDataSource should not execute buildDSRetrivalSQL when params are empty. (@Sanity11)
  • #1751 - Be more specific when adding the Expand All/Collapse All controls to the Section Editor (@brendo)
  • #1747 - Handle when an Author's default area is deleted (@brendo)
  • #1742 - Don't apply timezone transforms to the min/max dates that MySQL supports (@brendo)
  • #1736 - Wrap object attributes in quotes for more robust browser compatibility (@mgussekloo)
  • #1735 - Make MySQL timezone connection detection PHP5.2 compatible (@brendo)
  • #1732 - Fix vertical drawer height (@nilshoerrmann)
  • #1730 - Correctly check required checkbox value (@michael-e)
  • #1729 - Fix the Collapse/Expand All buttons in the Section Editor (@brendo)
  • #1726 - Set the MySQL connection to match the Symphony timezone
  • #1725 - Fix section pagination JS (@nilshoerrmann)
  • #1719 - Upload file paths are no longer stored in the entry tables, the directory is derived from the Upload field settings allowing for easier migration (@brendo)
  • #1717 - Sanitize parameters without utf8_encode and urldecode to restore Symphony 2.3 functionaliy (@brendo)
  • #1715 - Fix AND operations in Datasources (+). (@designermonkey)
  • #1709 - Fix Data Sources and Events Providers on PHP5.2 (@brendo)
  • #1706 -Use the General file methods in the Log class. Correctly report unwritable folders during installation (@brendo)
  • #1691 - The System ID is now saved as system:id in datasources. id is also supported for backwards compatibility (@brendo)
  • #1685 - Fix Session cookies to work with reverse proxies (such as Varnish), and to ensure they are renewed automatically (@creativedutchmen)
  • #1609 - Uploading (PDF) files w/ Firefox 17.0.1 can break pages (@michael-e)
  • #1398 - Vertical drawer issues (@brendo)
  • #1324 - Vertical drawer alignment with the Notify plugin

Minor Updates

  • Add removeFromHeadByPosition() and Head() functions to the HTMLPage class (@brendo)
  • Remove all images from Symphony's assets. Replace with Data URI's and CSS (@brendo)
  • Prevent potential Javascript errors with the Duplicator plugin when duplicators don't provide names for the items (@brendo)
  • Various performance improvements for Section and DataSource editor (@nitriques)
  • Various fixes and enhancements for the Associations drawer (@jensscherbl, @brendo)
  • Fix subheading for DataSources that aren't allowed to be edited in the DataSource editor (@brendo)
  • Fix writing empty Sessions for setups that used Suhosin/Hardened PHP (@creativedutchmen)
  • Fix Collapsible plugin on Symphony error pages. Allow {URL} to be evaluated as well as {SYMPHONY_URL} for the fatalerror.* templates (@brendo)
  • Minor fixes for Associations (@jensscherbl)
  • Various fixes from the static code analysis automation tool, HHVM (@rlerdorf)
  • Multiple fixes for strict notices in PHP5.4 (@brendo)
  • Handle errors when removing associated section or field (@jensscherbl)
  • Various improvements to the Associations interface (@nilshoerrman, @brendo, @designermonkey)
  • Add DROP to the MySQL class as an operation that causes a WRITE_OPERATION (@brendo)
  • Fix installation script detection on IIS servers (@Jordy84)
  • If the site is running on HTTPS, then mark the cookies as secure which prevents them from being sent on non secure connections
  • Set all cookies to be httpOnly by default. Previously all cookies where NOT httpOnly by default. The use case for setting these cookies to be secure is far more common than the other
  • Prevent error when deleting entries that don't exist or have been partially deleted
  • Fix paths for install and update logs
  • Fix incorrect assignment in Notify
  • Fix hardcoded Gateway timeout

Symphony • Open Source XSLT CMS

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.3-5.6 or 7.0-7.3
  • PHP's LibXML module, with the XSLT extension enabled (--with-xsl)
  • MySQL 5.5 or above
  • An Apache or Litespeed webserver
  • Apache's mod_rewrite module or equivalent

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