21 Jan 2010
personal, and portfolio
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The design portfolio of Josh Nichols.

Sliding gallery script

Relies on these extensions

  • Akismet Spam Filtering
  • JIT Image Manipulation
  • Order Entries
  • Static Section


  • Allen
  • 21 Jan 10, 10:47 am

Sweet design. Good work!

This is very cool. I love the sliding gallery.

Two nitpicks (it doesn’t validate):

  • <span> is spelled wrongly as <sapn>
  • There is no <teaser> tag in HTML

@sirlancelot Thanks for the heads up. I fixed my typo and I used node() when pulling the teaser by accident. (I changed it from a text area to a text field.) It was a whirlwind project. I had a job application deadline. I didn’t get the job, though. :-(

Beautiful site Josh!

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