Symposium 2012
2829 September 2012
Boston, United States

What it is

Our third annual Symphony meet-up. This time, we're holding it in the breathtaking Boston, USA! Unlike our past symposiums, this year, we want to invite all Symphony and would-be Symphony users to join us. This year's event will be the perfect chance to learn about Symphony CMS for the first time or to expand your skills.

Live Stream

The event was a great success. Thanks for everyone who attended, both physically and virtually. Check out our YouTube Channel:



Space with a Soul located in Boston’s new up and coming Innovation District.


Westin Waterfront is close to the event and you can get a special deal by clicking here.

Hosteling International Boston is the best place for price and location (just blocks away from Boston Commons).

What's on the Agenda

Friday, September 28th
Time Topic
11:00 Social Networking
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Symphony Keynote
13:30 Symphony Overview
14:00 Case Studies
15:00 Break
15:20 Symphony Factory
15:40 Symphony in Commercial Environments
16:00 Symphony on VPC Via Standing Cloud
19:00 Dinner & Pub Crawl
Saturday, September 29th
Time Topic
11:00 Understanding Extensions
12:00 Lunch
Split into Two Groups
13:00 New Users
Introduction to Symphony Workshop
13:00 Symphonists
Section Design Workshop
16:00 Next Symphony 2.x release

The US Symphony community would love to welcome you!

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