26 Feb 2011

We all learned as children that when you take 2 and add point-2, you get slammed in the lungs by 600-pounds-per-square-inch of Symphonic awesomeness. This release is all the proof you need.

Symphony 2.2 is packed full of updates that are intended to provide long-term stability and extensibility for the 2.* branch. It delivers so many new features, bugfixes, performance enhancements, and other improvements that the very thought of compiling the release notes made me want to... um... not compile the release notes.1

You asked for the entire core to be documented? brendo delivered. Don't believe me? Then how did nickdunn make this? With a bag of glitter and a crocheting needle? I think not.

You asked for a smart, flexible, email API baked right into the core? michael-e and creativedutchmen built it. And they didn't even get out of their pyjamas.

You asked for more delegates so you could build the next great Symphony extension? You got em. Dozens of em.

You asked for UI improvements, smarter language handling, better extension support? Done.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Symphony 2.2 is the result of hundreds of commits made by more than a dozen contributors over more than four months. The changes and improvements they made touched every single area of the system (none of the touching was inappropriate2).

Excited yet? I could keep droning on and on, but why don't you just go see for yourself:

A hearty thanks goes out to all who contributed to the release—especially Symphony's community working groups—and to all of you whose bug reports, forum questions, and other annoying complaints helped us find new ways to make the system better. You guys are the best.

1 Compiling the release notes was so thoroughly draining that I even lost my ability to make lame jokes and puns.

2 Unlike Allen's famous Man Hugs™


I am very happy. Thanks to all the other guys from the working groups, and ovations to czheng (a.k.a. Craig) who tied it all together.

Yeah! Symphony 2.2 feels special. Thanks to everybody committing their time to this release.

Nice Job~ A Big Thank You To You All

Let's drink some beer now.

Congrats y'all! Great job!!!

Yay, I've been waiting for the not-regexp fix for a while, finally time to kick the tires on 2.2!

  • Nils
  • 26 Feb 11, 4:45 pm

Congratulations everyone. This is a great release!

Wow!! Congrats! I will re-start an recent project! =)

@czheng, wrong git link... need the 'cms' on user parameter...

  • Nils
  • 26 Feb 11, 8:15 pm

@marciotoledo: You don't have to restart - just update.


  • eKoeS
  • 26 Feb 11, 8:37 pm

I've heard Allen is offering free beer to everyone tonight. Thanks Allen!!! ;)

@nils, have some guide / article to just update?

Congratulations! And many thanks to all who contributed!

  • Nils
  • 26 Feb 11, 10:37 pm

@marciotoledo: Have a look here:

Thanks Marcio. Link fixed.

Wow, this came as a surprise. I figured the release would be next month, not this month! Congrats for all the hard work guys—you've done a swell job!

Very exciting! Best ... release ... ever! A big thank you to brendo and nickdunn for documenting the entire core.

Congratulations to everyone involved. Fantastic work!

@nils, thanks. @czheng, cool! =)

Once again, thanks for all your stunning work. Hope to be able to contribute someday.

  • Lewis
  • 28 Feb 11, 3:06 am

Great job guys! I'm WOWed that the entire core is documented. Long live Symphony!

Awesome work! Thanks :)

Bravo! You guys are fucking impressive!

Congratulations and thanks to all involved. I'm still hoping to start using Symphony more (and to learn XSLT), and this release sounds great.

Hooray. First 2.2 project starts tomorrow. Thank you all :-)

Gratz on the release guys.. sniff I'm so proud of you all.

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