26 Nov 2011

Back in July, @nilshoerrmann logged an issue that kickstarted a discussion on how we can improve the extension categories to stop the growing number of 'Other' extensions. After some discussion, we'd like you to please welcome the Membership, Multilingual and Third Party Integration categories.

The Membership category is for all things related to authentication of users, whether it be frontend or backend.

The Translations category has been renamed to a partner in crime, Multilingual which we feel is a broader term for like minded extensions that weren't strictly translations (Did you know Symphony is available in 9 languages?). These extensions help add and manage multilingual content on your site and redirect users to localized versions. The Language Redirect is one example of a Multilingual extension.

Third Party Integration extensions help connect your Symphony website with other services, such as Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp or Paypal Payments. This is one category I'm personally excited to see grow!

The team hopes these changes will allow developers to better classify their extensions and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Existing extensions have been updated where appropriate, but if you feel your extension has been missed or shouldn't be classified a particular way, apologies and feel free to correct!

The Translations category was reinstated on December 8th 2011 after comments and discussion within the WG.


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