03 Jul 2007

To celebrate the release of the iPhone, we are giving away free copies of Symphony! Incidentally, the Symphony blog is celebrating the release of the The Big Noob interview podcast by giving away 3 Noob T-shirts.

Free shirts? I’m sold!

To be in the chance to win a shirt, simply participate in any of the three events:


Listen to the interview, Allen Chang v.s. Brad Smith and Ryan Sims and piece together the random phrases scattered across the podcast. Email the answer to gimme [at] chaoticpattern [dot] com with the subject: Event 1 Solution.


Participate in a wordfest (any article, including this one). I will choose the winner based on creativity.

Problem Solving

In XSLT, write a template (<xsl:template name="gimme-shirt">) to produce: <p>I really want a noob shirt</p> 10 times recursively. Email the answer to gimme [at] chaoticpattern [dot] com with the subject: Event 3 Solution.

It’s a Triathlon

To increase your chance of winning, participate in more events. With up to 3 chances of winning, it’s practically guaranteed (Guarantee not a guarantee)!.

In Closing

As with all things great and fun, there must be an end. The event’s closing day is tentatively set the same day the T-shirts arrive at The Big Noob HQ.


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