02 Aug 2007

This show is about a boy (Allen) who learns true magic (Symphony 2) and the challenges he and his friends faced against 3 evil entities: Bloat, Inefficiency and Learning Curve.

Allen talks about the challenges the team faced with the current state of Symphony and the solutions they've implemented for version 2; presented in a format known to the academics as "lectures I rather skip". Be warned, attendance will be marked against your final grade. Get the keynote presentation now or forever hold your peace with a B+ at best.


Some of you might be wondering about the rise in podcasts and screencasts of late, whilst tutorial articles have taken the back-seat for now. As you can tell, the production quality and vocal demeanour of my podcasts and screencasts have been improving gradually. Soon I will be good enough to conquer the world of television, acting amongst the likes of Lauren Graham and Evangeline Lilly. I am dead serious.

Okay, not really

All kidding aside, here are the real reasons:

  1. Primer - it's important to introduce the concepts in Symphony 2 as they are different and an improvement over past versions.
  2. Heads-up - in the lead-up to the release of Symphony 2, developers needn't be surprised by the changes by asserting that these changes are for the better.
  3. Aggregation - we want to build up that knowledge-base that Symphony is oh-so-lacking. This will be one of many knowledge inducing presentations to come (they won't necessarily be in a keynote format).


Did the boy eventually defeat the 3 evil entities? Did you find too many plot-holes? Perhaps you would prefer an alternate ending? Let us know if you think this will be a box-office hit.


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