We now have a final release

I'd pretty stoked to announce the availability of Symphony 2.3.3 RC2, the next version of Symphony that's got a heap of fixes, tweaks and one feature that's going to knock your socks off (if you aren't wearing socks, put some on). Barring any major issues, this codebase will be released on June 22nd as 2.3.3, and we'll all sing and dance to celebrate!


A big thanks to Nils Hoerrmann and John Porter for working tirelessly over the last couple of months to formulate the Associations UI, a way to finally visualise entry relationships. I'm hoping to do a quick screencast in the coming week to show this off, but until then, get your hands dirty :)

Other fixes/features of note

  • Updated to jQuery 2.0
  • The addition of a Manager role, which is the same as an Author, but can't access the Blueprints menu
  • There has been some improvements to the Sessions support thanks to Huib and Michael. Sessions now work over reverse proxies and the sessions table will no longer spiral out of control if you're running the Suhosin PHP mod
  • Better security out of the box. Cookies are now marked as httpOnly by default and will be marked as secure when your site is running over a secure connection
  • Upload fields no longer store the folder in the database, which means you can now move files around much easier if you have a change of heart

This release features commits from 11 developers (including the creator of PHP) so a big thanks to the community for the combined effort!

Do you want to get involved? You can help by testing this release and logging any errors on the issue tracker. Or if you feel like contributing, there's a wiki article about that :)




I am sorry, but you shouldn't use this with the Unique Upload Field extension right now. I will update the extension soon.

Unique Upload Field

The same with Image upload . Could it have some similarities, so the solution could be shared?

Thumbs up for 2.3.3 :)

No time to update Image Upload. I'm happy to merge pull requests, though ;)

Could it have some similarities, so the solution could be shared?

I don't know Image Upload, but you will find my solution in the public repo. The major change for me is to include an updater function which changes the file paths in the database table (similar to the updater function that is included in the Symphony release).

The new associations UI is both beautiful and effective. Here is a screenshot of its practicality:

Thanks for all your hard work, Symphony team & contributors!

@vladG, @michael-e, these are very favourable conditions :) thanks in advance!

Updated to jQuery 2.0

I guess this means the I-would-love-not-to-need-this-but-my-customers-need-this-extension IE Compatibility will have to be updated to include jQuery < 2.0 for Internet Exploder 6/7/8?

Internet Explorer compatibility starts with IE9, so you will have to take care of older version yourself – as you had to do it before (Symphony 2.3 makes use of HTML5 markup so you won't see a working backend in those older IE versions without additional treatment).

Correct :)

Lovely! Love the associations interface. Brilliant.

About Associations.

There is a new delegate in the core to allow this whole process to be replaced in the drawer. This would allow a developer to build an extension that would let you choose a style of display in the preferences per section's field (for example) and display it in the right place.

The associations stuff looks fantastic. Thanks so, so much to Nils and John (and Brendan) for the work on this. It has been a long road but it's great to see this issue so thoroughly resolved. Looking forward to putting it through it's paces. :)

Thanks to all involved, and especially for associations which looks like it will be great and make life much easier. I hope to play around with creating some new sections and seeing associations in action next week.

Looking forward to extensions adjusting to the new folder/path approach and being able to use this on live projects.

@michael-e, would it be worth me taking a look at having a go at the updater function if I get a chance or would you rather do it yourself anyway?

@DavidOliver: I will try and do it this as soon as possible. But if you want to send a pull request, go ahead.

Just an update as we've slipped past the release date without much said. I'm currently without a laptop at the moment (it's being shipped at the moment) so I've been unable to tie off a couple of loose ends from issues logged recently on Github. I don't anticipate they will cause a RC3 because individually they are minor and quite separated.

I hope to push out this release this weekend :)

So I have to hurry up with the Unique Upload Field extension. :-(

Anyway, if there are bug fixes to the codebase, shouldn't we release another RC for a week or so? Ideally there should be no code changes from the last RC to the final release.

Just a short note: The Unique Upload Field extension has been updated for Symphony 2.3.3.

@michael-e great, many thanks!

Do you think you could find the time to have a look at theimage_uploadextension in order to see if your fix would work there accordingly?

I’m kind of stuck with a dev-site since I need the symphony integration functionality, but also rely on this extension …

Queue dancing!

Happy to announce that there is a Release Candidate 3 now available for testing! This release includes some fixes that should help mitigate potential issues when upgrading from an older releases (prior to 2.3) and some upload field fixes.

Pending any major bugs, the 2.3.3 final will be released on July 13th.

Big thanks to all those testers :)

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