Is there an extension out there that I've missed, that allows organising the Sections in the Backend into nested lists at all?

Got a site that's growing a bit much in terms of structure and need a way to tame it somehow.

Andrew, you mean the sections themselves? or the entries

Sections themselves Jon. using your extension for Entry Hierarchy successfully.. there are just loads of sections I want to manage so looking at a way to next them.

No clue to be honest I never had the issue; we have plenty of sections but some are usually grouped/hidden. And since its just 3 devs managing it, having a big sections list for editing is not something we really mind so far...

We do however use Author Roles to hide some stuff for the authors to make their life simpler.

Its cool,

I've started on a Nested Nav extension for backend sections...

Appending a dropdown in the Section Editor with a list of existing sections and then Either NavigationPreRender or JS to alter the presentation based on this Select option 'meta data'.

Good progress so far.

Hey Jon, wondered if you knew the answer to this code query before I post it further:

I would have thought that the children array in the NavigationPreRender delegate would allow us to nest children arrays.. I don't seem to see anything nested in this sample code for the Nested Nav extension:

$context['navigation'][0] = array(
            'name' => __('Pages'),
            'type' => 'content',
            'children'  => array(
                    'link'      =>       '/publish/section1',
                    'name'      => __('Section1'),
                    'visible'   => 'yes',
                    'type' => 'content',
                    'children' => array(
                        'link'      =>     '/publish/childsection1',
                        'name'      =>     __('Child Section'),
                        'type' => 'content',
                        'visible'   => 'yes'


Have you been taking a look at this?

Nope.. but I have now :).

It looks like the children array is fixed to one level from looking in this administrationpage class. Would take a fair bit of alteration to get nesting.. tabs seems a great alternative.

Thanks for the pointer Nils

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