How does everyone handle repeating or recurring events (entries)?

  • Instead of entering in an individual entry for a calendar event. I would like the option to select to repeat that calendar entry once a week. Or every other Tuesday. Or every other month, etc.

I know that the Repeating Date Field is out there on the Symphonists Repository. There hasn't been much development on that extension. I know it was just updated to work with Symphony 2.3. Is anyone using that extension? If so, what are your thoughts? Also, have you used that extension in conjunction with the XML Importer? If so, how were you able to import the starting date and end date and repeating option into that field?

Also, @hananils's extension Date and Time 2 is a very beautiful and nice extension. Has anyone successfully setup repeating/recurring events with that extension? Or just with the core date time field?

If so, how did you achieve it? With an extension? With XSLT? With a combo of both?

I think a repeating or recurring events functionality would be beneficial to the entire community.

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

UPDATE: I think I got it to work with EXSLT (sort of).

Any thoughts? Experiences?

Sorry, I'm in great need of help on this one.

Hey Brian,

I've found @hananils' extension to be the best solution to be honest. attaching date and Time 2 to a section called Occurances with an SBL linking to the Event with a few checkboxes for repeating on specific days etc..

I was thinking of looking at the Dynamic Text Group to see if there is a way to build a simpler duplicator rather than a full blown date and time field, but haven't had the time.

OK. Here's my first attempt... I got recurring events to work (sort of) with EXSLT.

When I put in static values in my recursive template, it works...

But, if I for some reason, try to pull the values from a XML document. It doesn't recursively go through the template...

Thoughts on what could be causing it not to go through the template???

With the help of @phoque (Nils Werner), I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong. I was not calling with-params in the second iteration of the call-template.

Actually, I was able to get a working utility that deals with repeating dates based on days, weeks, months, and years. Hopefully this will be a help to the community. Also, please let me know if you know of a better and more efficient way of doing this. I want to learn.

Here's the XSLT and XML on xpathr.

Also, I want to add in the ability to repeat a date based on something like... "Every third Wednesday of the month."

With this method, there's no way to filter right?

With this method, there's no way to filter right?

What are you trying to filter?

Just saying, if you wanted to have a system for finding availabilities for a certain date, then this wouldn't work, since this is a purely front-end technique?

Gotcha... or you can create an xml page with this technique and then bring it in as "dynamic xml"... then you can filter. But yes this is a front-end technique... since my php stinks...

Did you see this?

Oops sorry, you mentioned it in the original post

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