First off, I am running Symphony 2.3.3.

OK, Here's what I have.

I want to install both REST API and Union Datasource.

  • I installed REST API (latest version at the time of this posting - 1.2) and it works great. No issues that I see, until...
  • Then I went to install Union Datasource (latest version at the time of this posting - 1.0.3). Union Datasource installs fine.
  • Then I go to I go to Create a New Datasource and I get the following error message...

Fatal error: Class 'REST_Entries' not found in /Users/myuser/Repositories/site/extensions/rest_api/data-sources/data.rest_api_entries.php on line 29

This is weird, because I was able to create datasources with REST API installed before. But when I install Union Datasource, side-by-side, REST API freaks out.

What could be causing this error?

Could someone look over the rest_api/data-sources/data.rest_api_entries.php on line 29 to see what could be triggering this error when trying to create a datasource with REST API installed?

I for the life of me cannot figure out what's causing it.

NOTE: Union Datasource works fine from what I can tell when REST API is not installed. I am able to create a datasource. The problem happens when both are installed at the same time.

What if you add at line 5:

require_once(EXTENSIONS . '/rest_api/lib/class.rest_api.php');

The thought is that the Union Datasource is directly calling this file, whereas typically this file may be invoked by the Rest API extension being initialised.

@brendo - I added your suggestion above, I get the following now...

Fatal error: Class 'REST_Entries' not found in /Users/myuser/Repositories/site/extensions/rest_api/data-sources/data.rest_api_entries.php on line 30

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