I just installed a plain 2.3.3, created Images and News sections, linked News to Images via SBL and I don't see any new buttons / UI on News entry edit page.

What should I see?

But I do get this in console:

GET 404 (Not Found) 


Got it.

On SBL field settings the option Display relationship in entries table must be checked.


@vladG - so you managed to get SBL+ working under S2.3.3?

I opened a bug report a few days ago, because it didn't seem to get along with the changes made to the basic SBL field. And I think the Javascript parts also didn't work with the jquery2-update made in S2.3.3.

If you have a working 2.3.3-branch I'd love to see it published as an update.

Oops, my bad. It's a plain SBL. Sorry for the confusion.

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