Has anyone got Screen Detection to work with Symphony 2.3.3? Apparently it's compatible but I can't get it to show up in the list of extensions. Looking at the extension driver and the directory name everything looks OK from what I can tell.

Essentially what I need to do is to add a little conditional XSLT to detect if the viewport width is above a set breakpoint and if so, include a line of HTML. This looks like a ready-made solution but for the installation difficulties. Anyone had any success?

Have you seen or tried User Agent Feature Detection? I haven't given it a proper update in some time, but I do have it working on my personal site with Symphony 2.3.3.

Ah, yes. Sorry (I made the screen detection extension.) You may need to rename the folder to be entirely lowercase.

(If that doesn’t work, let me know. I’ve rolled many of my changes into a custom branch of UA Details extension that I am sure works, but haven’t had time to work the updates back in to screen detection.)

@briandrum, thanks for the note about User Agent Feature Detection. That looks like another really useful tool to have in the responsive design arsenal. Being able to define your own breakpoints and get a few key params in the param pool to test against makes things considerably easier. Thanks!

@thebestsophist I tried that at first but had no luck. I managed to get it detected in the end though. It was actually the uppercase in the meta file. Changing this to lower case and the directory name to lowercase managed to get it recognised by Symphony so I could install it:

<extension id="screen_detection" status="experimental" xmlns="">

Just another small note, the date is coming up as the "installed version" so that just needs a minor tweak too but other than that it seems to work.

And thanks for the note on UA Details. Plenty of hidden gems with these extensions. :) Thanks guys.

Fixed an updated, thank you.

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