In the docu is told that delegate DatasourcePreEdit fires :

Prior to editing a Datasource, the file path where it will be written to is provided and well as the contents of that file.

but nothing happend by opennig the datasource editor. by clicking on save, the callback works (I've only made a

var_dump($context); die;  

as output I recieve an array with eight entries, the last is:

'delegate' => string 'DatasourcePreEdit' (length=17)

how can I debug this further more?

ok, quiete for sure I've used the wrong delegate.

delegate' => 'InitaliseAdminPageHead' would be the right one to modify the datasource editor, I think.

What are you trying to do? The DatasourcePreEdit delegate fires when a DS is opened in the editor and an Authors presses 'Save'.

I missunderstand that. sorry. Now I'm working with InitaliseAdminPageHead to make a selectbox. there might be a possibility pathing the oPage at AdminPagePreGenerate or the output at AdminPagePostGenerate, but this seems to be to stressing for a simple seectbox.

thx for questioning to help me futher.

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