I've been working on upgrading a site from 2.3.1 to 2.3.4 today and came across something with extensions that has me puzzled. I assume it's operator error and possibly has been discussed before, but a search didn't turn up any clues so far.

I installed the current release (2.3.4) fresh with a new database. The extensions directory has the following subdirs, all of which are empty:

drwx---r-x  2 stt  users  2 Oct 20 07:48 debugdevkit/
drwx---r-x  2 stt  users  2 Oct 20 07:48 export_ensemble/
drwx---r-x  2 stt  users  2 Oct 20 07:48 jit_image_manipulation/
drwx---r-x  2 stt  users  2 Oct 20 07:48 maintenance_mode/
drwx---r-x  2 stt  users  2 Oct 20 07:48 markdown/
drwx---r-x  2 stt  users  2 Oct 20 07:48 profiledevkit/
drwx---r-x  2 stt  users  2 Oct 20 07:48 selectbox_link_field/
drwx---r-x  2 stt  users  2 Oct 20 07:48 xssfilter/

Here's what's odd:

  1. When signed in, from system > extensions menu ( it immediately gives an error on the first empty extension directory it finds. For example: "Could not find extension debugdevkit at location /usr/home//public_html//extensions/debugdevkit/extension.driver.php".

    If the empty subdirs are removed then no error is reported and the extensions page displays OK. I'm wondering if these unpopulated subdirs should have been included in the installation zip package to begin with or what purpose they serve (other than to remind me what's in the non-vanilla install).

  2. Now, if an extension is installed, meaning I unzip it to a subdir in the extensions directory, I believe it should display when I go to the system > extensions page without me having to do anything else. Funny thing is they do not show up at all. The only way I could make it work is to first install extensions to the extensions dir, before doing the main symphony install. When I do that the DB table 'symextensions' gets populated and the extensions page display as expected with an entry for each installed extension. Note, I've tried with a few that are listed as 2.3.4 compatible (for example, maintenancemode) and the problem is the same with all.

    I can work around this since the one site I'm upgrading I know the extensions needed ahead of time, but it seems goofy and I don't see how to ever install a new one without perhaps going into mysql and tweaking the tables manually. I've looked at the code a bit and could probably figure out something, but hate to spend the time & effort if this is an operator error situation, which I suspect it is.

Has anyone run into this or can tell what I'm doing wrong?


The extensions directory has the following subdirs, all of which are empty

That shouldn't be the case. I double-checked the ZIP download here on this website, and the subdirectories are not empty. However, if you get Symphony from GitHub, you shouldn't use the ZIP that is provided there. Due to the split-up in several repositories (extensions being submodules in Git), the GitHub ZIP will not include the extensions. So if you work with Git, you must pull the main repository, then do a git submodule update --init or similar. (See the README.)

Yes, you're right. Thanks. I must have downloaded the git version - the one from getsymphony has all the extension subdirs populated.

To doublecheck, I installed symphony again, but first removed the maintenance mode extension. Verified that all other extensions were OK (they were), then unzipped/renamed the maintenance mode extension and refreshed the system > extensions page and maintenance mode showed up as expected.

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