I have a datasource I'd like to filter by 2 different parameters and I want both of them to be required.

I set 2 filter, one using the "$categoria" parameter and one using the "$stato" If I don't fill the Required URL Parameter field everything work file, if I fill it with one of the 2 parameters it works fine, but if I try to fill it with both parameter I get no result in the xml. I tried to wrote "$categoria, $stato" or "$categoria/$stato" or "$categoria $stato" but always get no result.

It is possible to have more then one required url parameter and I'm writing them in the wrong way or it is not possible to have more than one?



It is possible to have more then one required url parameter...

To my knowledge this is not possible. Maybe anyone beat my cards?

I am using Conditionalizer for adding conditions.

I'm using a gallery, with datasource required-url-paramaters $type/$id and page url-parameters type/id. I'm not redirecrting them to 404 if no results are found, but this is possible. In fact more then one url parameter forces me to use a kind of param-navigation.

Thanks for answering. My using the esame setting of MOMA bit i get empty result. Tomorrow I'll male a new try and let you know. Thanks again Daniele

I've tried again to set the required-url-paramaters fild with "$categoria/$stato" but it doesn't work. I'll make a workaround in the xsl template...
thanks for the support.

strange, you set ist to "$categoria/$stato" or $categoria/$stato ? you redirect to 404 when nothing is found?

although a workaround with xslt is possible, datasource chaining and filtering gets much more handy results. breadcrumbs and navigation through parameters of pages get sencless complex, if you have more pages.

btw. I'm using the filter: {$type} and the filter {$id} in seperate datasources, but filtering the datasource, I#m using {$id} through the results of the type-datasource-filtering {$ds-type.system-id} {$id}

The required parameter field only accepts one parameter, by design.

It was originally designed to be used for URL parameters, which means if you have url/$param1/$param2 then setting $param1 to required will also technically make $param2 required, as the url won't work without $param1.

It's just by sheer luck that it works with datasource parameters too! It's an 'undocumented feature' ;)


We discussed adding multiple parameter support here, but the headache it would cause in the code is not worth it, simply because of the reason I stated above.

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