Hi, I've tried to install Symphony locally with MAMP, without success. When trying to launch the installer (http://localhost:8888/install/ or http://localhost/install/ when changing ports), I get nothing at all ("no data retrieved" in chrome, "connection time out" in Firefox). I don't know much about servers but I have managed to install Symphony successfully on my Web host. Any help or advice appreciated.


Try changing the ports to the normal ones for http and mysql, see if that helps.

Thank you for your feedback, I have tried it but unfortunately it did not work.

I gave up with MAMP and I managed to install Symphony by "manually" installing the dev environment on my Mac, following these steps That would be nice to see a tutorial and discussions on how to set up Symphony with MAMP.


Howdy. I am probably more noob than anyone at this... but I, too am looking to install Symphony on my local machine that's running Ubuntu 13.10.

So... If I am not mistaken the normal way to do this is to have a proper web server which runs Symphony and works as a website. But I'd imagine that for development reasons the more practical thing to do is to have something like Apache running on your local machine which you can then install to? (ps I have never ever done anything with Apache or any web server software)

But thus far am I correct in supposing these things? Sorry if this kind of hijacks the thread. That is not my intention.

Hi Bryan. Yep, that's right. (In line with this thread, I recommend installing a webserver properly rather than using MAMP/XAMPP.)

Apache will be in Ubuntu's repositories, of course, and there are lots of tutorials on setting up a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

Another less commonly-used option is Hiawatha, which a few of us Symphony users have used. It's easy to configure, and I believe it's generally faster than Apache. It's also supposed to be very secure.

If you decide to go with Apache, using tasksel is a very nice and easy way of doing it.

@thomasFr There shouldn't be any problems in running Symphony locally using MAMP. It's hard to tell from your description exactly what the problem is but test that MAMP has been correctly installed with both Apache and MySQL up and running by checking on the program window. Next open your 'start page'. If http://localhost:8888 isn't working for you then try

If that all checks out then things are up and running so double check where your document root is and be sure to use that as the place to install Symphony. MAMP (the free version) only allows you to serve sites from this document root whereas MAMP Pro (commercial version) provides you with options of easily setting up your own vhosts (set your own domain names). Here's a useful comparison between then. Make sure that you have read and write permissions in that document root.

From there you should be able to drop Symphony in to your document root and run the installer. Knowing how to setup and manage the LAMP stack is useful but shouldn't be a barrier to entry in giving Symphony a try. The likes of MAMP/Pro and XAMPP are still about the quickest and easiest way for newcomers to get things up and running without getting too entrenched. AMPSS seems to be a new player which is gaining a lot of traction too so you could always give that a try to see which you prefer. Easy install video included.

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