after the installation of a symphony ensamble I get an internal server error both in frontend and backend
the server log report: .htaccess: RewriteRule: unknown flag 'B'

I think the .htacces line that triggers the server error is this one


RewriteRule ^image/(.+.(jpg|gif|jpeg|png|bmp))$ extensions/jitimagemanipulation/lib/image.php?param=$1 [B,L,NC]

I don't konw what the "B" flag is supposed to do... so I don't know how to fix it.

Symphony version: 2.3.5
local server with MAMP:
- php 5.3.2
- MySQL: 5.1.44
- Apache 2.0.63

Thank for the support

Seems like the B flag was not introduced before Apache 2.2, but you have an older version. Why do you use 2.0 (which is very very old)?

(It's a bit unclear when the flag was added exactly, but Google tells me it wasn't later than Apache 2.2.8, released January 19, 2008.)

Thanks for answering

I have never update Mamp since I installed it... I'll try to update it and see if it solve the "B" flag issue

thanks daniele

Ok, updating mamp solve the problem

thanks again



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