The error below always happens with Order Entries ( 1.10.1 or 2.1.2 ) in Symphony 2.4 ( master or integration branch ).

Any tips about this error ?

Thanks for your attention =)

Error: "Table 'test.symentriesdataundefined' doesn't exist in query: SELECT SQLCACHE id FROM symentriesdata_undefined WHERE entry_id = '2'"

It looks like the entry request isn't recording the ID of the entry in the request to the database.

Have you filed an issue in the repo on github at all?

Hello moonoo2.

The problem was attributes data-order-entries-id and data-order-entries-direction.

My instalation of Symphony 2.4 ( branch master ) have not this attributes.

My (ugly) workaround fixed the problem (at least for me) -->

Fork from Order Entries 2.1.2

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