A simple date field seems to be causing issues in a section - not sure why.

The field is added, and working fine, and if I re-save the section without changing anything, it saves fine. But as soon as I add a new field (any field, it seems) this error is generated:

Symphony Fatal Database Error: Column 'pre_populate' cannot be null
INSERT INTO `sym_fields_date` (`pre_populate`, `field_id`) VALUES (NULL, '32')

Any thoughts?

Just removed the field and added it again. I got the error when saving it in this scenario as well (although didn't see it when I originally created the section).

The 'Default date', which I assume this relates to (?), is the default 'now' - so nothing odd there either. It's a completely bog standard section.

Weirder still the sym_fields_date table has no data in it. Even though I have a date field added to a section, and with entries added to the section (with populated date fields). That doesn't seem right, does it? Where's the field information being saved? :p

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