I have finally started building my first project with symphony. I have downloaded clean package from github (without default sections etc...)

[update] It seems problem only exists when I use multi lingual fields. Any idea?

Extensions I have installed: textboxfield, languages, frontend_localisation, multilingual_field

I have started by creating a first section and saving it, but when I went to check it out, I got this error:

Symphony Fatal Database Error: Unknown column 'handle-' in 'field list'

I'm not sure if I had to do something before, or if I have to add some field. Here's how my section looks:

My first section

Also, here's the error I'm getting:

My first error

I suspect it's a (symphony version) compatibility issue with one of the extensions (someone else will know better than me). I assume this is Symphony 2.4?

Out of interest what are your field handle names?

Yes, it's 2.4. My handle names were something like item-name, item-description etc...

Are those some kind of reserved words?

There aren't reserved handle names. It's probably one of the extensions that isn't full compatible with version 2.4.

But the community is working on it. Check this thread for the latest updates.

Hey Reygoch, what you describe seems quite normal... you are using the multilingual fields, before you started created the sections, did you define the languages that you will be using?

Multilingual field should usually create handle-en etc so maybe you have skipped that step, otherwise it could be a bug in part of the code which is not pulling in the languages.

I didn't define languages that I'll use. I have just selected Main Language to be required one for the field. Probably the problem than. Thanks!

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