I'm happy to say that the next release of Symphony is now available as a Release Candidate. Symphony 2.5 enhances Associations, enforces PSR-2 code formatting and introduces semver for versioning. If there are no major bugs found during testing, this package will be released as is on August 31st as Symphony 2.5.

The release notes detail all the fixes for this release, but here's a snapshot of the newer goodies:

  • #2158 - Add new delegate, ModifyFieldPublishWidget.
  • #2108 - Implement Redirect on Forbidden, Redirect on Required functionality.
  • Add XMLElement::validateChild method
  • Add CACHE constant to Provider interface
  • Add wildcard to support Provider's DS/Events with custom URL parameters
  • Add Field::prepareReadableValue, Field::prepareTextValue and Field::createAssociationsDrawerXMLElement
  • Add symphonyAffix javascript plugin
  • Reorganise the index logic, allows launcher to be overridden

Keep an eye on the Migration Guide to 2.5 for Developers in the coming fortnight as it is updated with more details about these features and changes.

Exciting! I'm barely getting hang of 2.4, but exciting never the less XD.

Should I continue my current project on 2.4 (I just started) or is it better to wait a little longer for 2.5?

Should I continue my current project on 2.4 (I just started) or is it better to wait a little longer for 2.5?

For typical site building (as opposed to extension building, custom events/data sources, etc.), you'll be fine continuing with 2.4 and then updating to 2.5 when it's released.

Thanks, guys! I'm a big fan of Symphony and really appreciate your hard work on it.

Great to see 2.5 hot on the heels of 2.4 with a semantic versioning in place. All the recent new features and fixes are fantastic. Thanks for all the hard work.

Agreed 2.5 is looking great in my quick test. Thank you all so much!

2.5 is working great with @Nils' fantastic Association work. @Reygoch if you want to use the Associations Interface, 2.5 is the only way to do that.

An updated 2.5 build is now available on Github. It contains a handful of fixes that should be verified before being released as a final.

If no major issues are found, this build will be released as is on September 15th.

Does 2.5 RC2 contain 2.5 beta 2?

yes - beta comes before RC. usually beta versions are a bit more untested whilst RC are considered far more stable, and unless some bug/issue is found RC's can actually become 2.5 final.

@gunglien thanks, I'll backup and update then on my way to the final.

I noticed that when I installed a fresh Symphony via Git just now, I was given 2.5. Is this a final release or is it a Git issue?

Final release was yesterday.

Great news. Thanks very much

Symphony 2.5 works great. Except my custom events to save in multiple sections give an error now:

protected function __trigger(){

if($result->getAttribute('result') == "success") 

ERROR: Symphony Fatal Error: Call to a member function getAttribute() on a non-object

I added field file upload for uploading images, but after I went to upload it I got this error:

Symphony Fatal Database Error: Unknown column 'file' in 'field list'

Anything extra in your Symphony/PHP logs @diomed? The field definitely works fine with 2.5, so likely an environmental/isolated issue.

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