Hello all.

I wonder if anybody here can shed any light...

I have a new install of Symphony 2.3.6 and a bunch of updated extensions, including Email Template Filter (now redundant and broken).

I have tried to install Email Template Manager 5.1 but every time I go to Enable it, nothing happens. The extension remains uninstalled. Nothing gets posted in any logs. No errors or warnings. Nothing.

Has anybody else encountered this problem? and if so, how precisely should I go about trying to make it work? :(

Can you please check if the "workspace" folder is writable? After installation, there should be a folder called "email-templates" inside of it. Does it exist?


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You're welcome!

Still, this is a bug. It should not fail silently. I posted the issue on GitHub.

Another thing I have noticed...

Using the extension, mail is not being sent to my SMTP service provider for the website. There is no mail caught in the Server mail queue and nothing at all in logs about any problems or issues....

Files are writable, as are directories. Ownership is with the main FTP user...

SMTP works very reliable, so it could be an error in your configuration. But you should have errors in the log if the mail can not be sent. If there is nothing, can you check your spam folder? (This happens to me sometimes during testing. If, for example, you output XML to a plain text email, that mail will probably be marked as spam.)

Nothing gets sent at all. Mandrill doesn't show of any incoming mail.

I am now getting CHMOD errors when I submit the form in question which sends the mail - the event gets fired and data is placed into the CMS, but the mail isn't sent. - I am guessing there is some issue with permissions somewhere

Nothing in the Symphony logs?

This happens to me on occasion, normally due to an error in the email template itself, everything will execute successfully but the email won't actually get sent.

Nothing at all. Not a sausage.

set your config to display event source in xml, and have a quick looksee what the event is outputting.

You should have a filter node for the etm.

I managed to get around this in the end. Turned out it was a server configuration problem, but thank you for your help guys :)

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