Hi, so first post.

In the previous days I decided to tidy up things a bit in that mess on my host, including a Symphony installation (2.2.4) long due for an upgrade. I managed to get it done without much trouble (to 2.4), except that I used a single "unofficial" extension, the Reference Link field. Truly as I remember I wanted to drop that from the first time I discovered it is not simply interchangeable with Select Box Link, now, realizing Reference Link is not compatible with 2.4, I did an attempt at it, seemingly succeeding.

In short what I did was that poking around in the database, I converted Reference Links to Select Box links, by the following steps:

  • From the xxx_fields_referencelink table I exported stuff, and appropriately imported those in the xxx_fields_selectbox_link table.
  • I emptied the xxx_fields_referencelink table.
  • In the xxx_fields table I changed all instances of referencelink in the types column to selectbox_link.

After these steps I apparently could remove the Referencelink extension without problems, with the site structure left intact. So far I see no problems, I can create new interconnects, and even modify existing ones without anything notable.

I just would like to ask if these actions were OK for this purpose, that is, in some way would this hack kick my butt later, or it is all done, like Reference links never were involved?

(Oops. How can I escape underscores by the way? In the table names there supposed to be more underscores, but instead seemingly I get italic text)

(EDIT: Fixed the table names following Michael-e's suggestion)

How can I escape underscores by the way

Posts are written in Markdown here, this is why you get italic text. The best solution for table names is to surround them by backticks, so they will be displayed as "code". e.g.:


(I am using a code block for this example by indenting the line—so I can get the backticks displayed.)

Regarding your work in the database, it sounds to me like you did everything that I can think of. I don't know any "hidden additional stuff" regarding these relations.

Thanks, so guess it's all right then!

Yep, that's the correct steps

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