Remember I was messing about with the Twitter extension a few weeks ago or something?

Well I bodged it together but I was having trouble sanitizing and ended up just interating through everything is a really lame way. I never got round to abstracting it or learning how to because I got busy with Sym 2.5.

I migrated to 2.5.2 beta and the Twitter seemed about the only thing that carried on working fine. Not probs with 2.5.2 at all, just moving from SSM in other site sections.

Yesterday, without any changes to the site it's stopped working on the two sites I migrated but not on a third site that is I think 2.3.6

It seems a different situation to me breaking it myself early on.

It's a bit mysterious to me, can anyone just confirm that there couldn't be anything that could change "by itself" the way that the login default symphony login needs re-entering after two weeks?

I also found that now on 2.5.2 if I try to uninstall the extension there is an error:

Call to undefined method Administration::saveConfig()

Two different issues I guess, maybe with a bit of a push I could try and update the extension some more to be compatible with 2.5.2

I updated the Twitter Async part of the extension already and there doesn't seem to be a new one since.

Any kind of advice welcome, I don't know why it'd stop working all-of-a-sudden without me breaking it. I know the extension is old, maybe I should be doing something completely different?


The method for save stuff to the config has changed.

Configuration::write() is what it should be moving forward.

Will try cheers @moonoo2, rush job for work first...

@moonoo2 Seems that this works:


Does that look good?

I changed the install part of the extension.driver.php and now it installs too.

I still have my problem with the Oauth or whatever the real cause is, DNS problem I now think.

It was a DNS problem (hosting company FU), I mean the big error thing. So, the Twitter Oauth couldn't authenticate my domain even though I could "see" them.

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