I created a Web site, there are several products, other product categories are normal, not show up only one category of product, I don't know why. On the back end, this product contains a lot of product. does give the products

It is the ampersand in the name (HDMI&Touch Monitor). The handle will change in HDMI-and-Touch-Monitor

The link in your menu isn't providing the right url.

To add, it looks like you might be using the 'name' of the category, rather than the @handle. The giveaway is the capital letters:


I'm guessing this is why that URL is incorrect, as the ampersand is being stripped out somewhere (are you running a function to make the name url safe?), whereas the @handle will have converted it to an 'and', which is what the DS will be looking for.

@nathan ... sharp from the capitals and not being the handle!

I changed the URL of the category to HDMI-and-Touch-Monitor,the site's normal.

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