Hello, I'm having this homepage after updating from 2.3.6 to 2.4 Almost all extensions are disabled, I get errors also in admin pages (can't save some things and so on) Php is 5.3.8, should be fine... ?

Thanks for any help

Almost all extensions are disabled

That is a starting point ;-) 2.4 is a major update and some code used by extensions are deprecated. You need to update the extensions also. At the extension website you can see if the extension is compatible with 2.4

The error you see in the screenshot is from the cachelite extension. If that isn't disabled, disable that first and clear the cache

Thanks plenaforma!
the thing has been fixed, it was indeed cachelite, which btw did not show up in the local extensions list though... I removed it manually from the folders, and reinstall.

Should update directly to 2.5.1, 2.4 had a lot of issues.

+1 @jensscherbl

Definitely go for 2.5.x. It works just great so far I've tested. No reason to be on 2.4, where 2.5 fixes and brings alot.

As of me, for my updates I go from 2.3.6 directly to 2.5.x

Plus: And of course check with your extensions first. There are many pull requests if not releases for them to 2.5 compatibility you can successfully use.

Maybe the main thing I encounter is that several 2.5-ready extensions have set a "max. 2.5" compatibility meta information, so there will be issued version warnings in Extension under Sym 2.5.1 version.

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