I asked this already here. But I don't think it is only due to the url router extension but more due to my lack of understanding how the routing works.

I'm busy with a multilanguage website with 10 languages. I don't feel comfortable to do this with the available extensions. So I decided to make my own workflow.

In short the workflow is that I have a section which contains the main language and a helper section which contains the translations and an extra field to make the association with the main language.

For my templates I mostly use an one page appraoch. So I have a page with the following parameters: language/cat/title

So far so good. All basic pages work likes a charm.

Now I need another page to build a product selector. I like to have another page because this page needs other and more (url-)parameters.

But here starts the trouble. The url structure for the basic pages is domain/language/cat/title to start the homepage on an url with the default language code I have a first redirect with the following rule:

From /^$/ to /nl/

For the extra page I like to have the same url structure: domain/language/name-of-the-page/[more-params]. I give this page at least the parameter: language

Logical for me I thought a rewrite (silently route) should do the trick:

From /$1/name-of-the-page/ to /name-of-the-page/$1/

Off course this should be also more general with the page variable (/$1/:page/) so it should work for all future pages.

But the result is 'a page not found' and if I 'force the re-route even if page exists' I land at the index page.

A redirect with the same rule as above works but of course the url is different (domain/name-of-the-page/language) from what is desired (domain/language/name-of-the-page)

I'm quite confused why the routing isn't working as expected. It feels for me that when I choose for 'route' the system stucks at the index page. That explains the page not found error because 'name-of-the-page' isnt a valid (required) parameter voor $cat. That also explains the 'force re-route' result because all page parameters are empty so it's true to show the front page.

My question: is this the behaviour as intended and do I think wrong about routing? Or is this a bug in the core or the url router extension?

Working with 2.5.1

Solved with the changes from brendo as seen in this thread.

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