Do I need to do anything special? I've deployed a 2.5 site into a testing environment: and JIT images don't seem to be working:

The location is set correctly and the image is present. The arguments themselves are correct as it's working locally, but it's 404'ing.

Maybe a rewriterule configuration issue?

I haven't used JIT with 2.5 yet, but JIT with subdomains has worked for me in older versions.

What is the 141b21 in the image url?

Maybe a rewriterule configuration issue? - @DavidOliver

Sorry David, could you clarify what you mean?

@plenaforma The background colour (as per the docs).

But you are using mode 2 and that has no parameter background color I thought.

You got in your htacces the image rules, got that once that it was missing on a fresh install

@plenaforma - ah you may be right, maybe we changed modes at some point, either way it works as it is on local :)

I'll check the htaccess - although we bundle that with the repo so should be identical.

Edit: Just double checked and the .htaccess is fine. I removed the colour reference for the sake of removing an extra factor from the equation, hasn't made any difference unfortunately.

Not really sure how/what to troubleshoot :/

Ah, cracked it! Nothing to do with subdomains.

We .gitignore everything in /manifest/ so that logs and all that guff don't give us merge headaches - however because of this the site deployed without the /cache/, /tmp/ and /logs/ folders (I just went to check the logs and noticed). I'm assuming JIT uses the cache folder.

Putting all those folders in place and refreshing the page, the image popped back into place!

I remember that being difficult to workaround - as the .gitkeep trick only works if it;s a blank folder and you want to track it - any tips on how to keep the folder in the repo but none of its contents?

Tracking .gitkeep files, or any other files, should work fine regardless of whether or not the parent directories are empty. You need to force (-f) when adding files which would otherwise be ignored because of .gitignore to Git's index.

git add -f manifest/cache/.gitkeep

You'll still need to check the directory permissions to make sure they're writeable to the webserver user, though.

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