I got some dynamic sorting of entries through a url parameter. But do I understand it right that you can't sort on the tag list field?

If that is true, is there any workaround?

The solution seems to be amazing easy.

Adding the next code and it was fixed:

public function isSortable()
    return true;

Question: why isn't this in core?

How would sorting work with 5 entries with 5 tags each?

Sort on the first value.

I got the point why it is not in the core.

Yeah, in some cases that would be ok, but overall it's a bit of a weird experience for an author if the order in which you added a tag affected how it would sort.

Nevertheless, if your client is happy, then it's a bonus :)

Nevertheless, if your client is happy, then it's a bonus :)

At least I'm happy that it works ;-)

It's probably the way I use (or misuse) the tag field. So clients can easily assign a category with an own name and without the hassle of first make a new entry in a category section.

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