Joy! The beta2 has been a pleasure to work with!

@brendo Thanks for the RC and pushing Symphony forward.

@nils Thank you for investing so much into Symphony for the community.

The Symphony 2.6.0 release is now available for everybody. Many thanks to all who helped contribute and test this exciting release!


Nils and Johanna, all the best with the refocusing, and thanks for sharing all that work over the years.

@brendo and devs, many thanks for the work in this release. I’ve not done any Symphony work for a while but I installed the RC the other day via Composer, so today I updated the version from 2.6.0-rc.1 to 2.6.0 and did a composer update, which seems to have done the trick. In case anyone wants to start a blank project with Composer and Symphony, I think this is what’s needed for your composer.json:

    "repositories": [
            "type": "git",
            "url": ""
    "require": {
        "symphonycms/symphony-2": "2.6.0"

Then run composer install.

Does anyone have any pointers on how to use Composer with Symphony and Git, what with the workspace directory being inside vendor/symphonycms/symphony-2? I’m thinking I could symlink from there to a workspace directory in the root of the project and have Git ignore vendor as usual, but perhaps there’s a better way.

For extensions, I think a Symphony dev said they don’t see Composer packages as necessary, but it sounds like it would be a valid use case and that we could give the packages a type in order to have them installed in vendor/symphonycms/symphony-2/extensions once Symphony support had been added to composer/installers.

Example: Drupal. I think we could have:

  • symphonycms-extension
  • symphonycms-datasource
  • symphonycms-event
  • symphonycms-utility

Does anyone have any pointers on how to use Composer with Symphony and Git...

Symphony's current structure doesn't allow it to be used or installed as a composer package inside another project, see here, here and here.

We use composer to manage our autoloading and (going forward) third party dependencies. But we always include the vendor folder in our releases, so no composer install needed to get going with Symphony.

However, developers familiar with composer can extend the composer.json file with their own, project specific dependencies.

For extensions, I suggest doing it the same way for now.

That said, your links seem very interesting. Might be a good starting point for the next major version...

Hi devs,

I've tried following the git installation process for a new 2.6 site and the following error appears on first login:

Symphony Extension Missing Error

Could not find extension debugdevkit at location /somepath/extensions/debugdevkit/extension.driver.php.

You can try uninstalling the extension to continue, or you might want to ask on the forums

In fact, I ended up with an empty extensions directory. Is it something wrong with the package?

Incidentally, the command lines git clone git://... timed out so I replaced with git clone https://...

And when I used the git submodule update --init command, there was no response, just a shell prompt as the next response.

Thanks @bzerangue, and d'oh, RTFM. But then I thought is the manual... seems to be a bit of conflicting docs.

Massive headaches upgrading a different Symphony site from 2.3.6 to 2.6.0. First I got an error from the /install:

Symphony Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

An error occurred in /somepath/symphony/lib/boot/func.utilities.php around line 193
    188 * @return boolean
    189 */
    190 function is_session_empty()
    191 {
    192 $session_is_empty = true;
    193 foreach ($_SESSION as $contents) {
    194 if (!empty($contents)) {
    195 $session_is_empty = false;
    196 }
    197 } 
Database Query Log

So I just commented out the foreach statement as I knew my session was empty.

Then it didn't like a " that was escaped in my DB password in /manifest/config.php (don't ask, it was randomly generated!)

And again:

git submodule update --init --recursive
git submodule update --recursive

...did nothing. I checked prior to make sure all extension /.git/config files were pointing to /symphonycms. But in the end, after seeing pages of Database Errors (sym_entries_data_0 doesn't exist panic), I decided to pull each extension one by one, which revealed updates, then thankfully all appears to be okay now.

Any tips on how to get the submodule commands working? I'm not so hot on git.

As of the MySQL 5.5 version bump in Symphony 2.6, should there be any issues when running on MySQL 5.1?

As of the MySQL 5.5 version bump in Symphony 2.6, should there be any issues when running on MySQL 5.1?

No, there have been no SQL changes, it's just a safeguard for us moving forward.

Massive headaches upgrading a different Symphony site from 2.3.6 to 2.6.0. First I got an error from the /install:

This issue has been resolved and a 2.6.1 will be released shortly. The install instructions have also been updated. I can investigate the password escaping issue if you provide a little more detail.

@juro, thanks for bringing that up; I was wondering too. I got a flat-out 'no plans to support MySQL 5.5 in the near future' from my web host :/ But I ploughed on with a new Symphony installation on a MySQL 5.1 DB anyway ;)

@brendo, it would be helpful please if the language of 'requirement' and 'recommendation' was chosen carefully. E.g. the footer of the website says 'MySQL 5.5 or above' is a requirement, but I infer from your earlier comment that it's in fact a recommendation and also infer now that MySQL 5.1 is a minimum requirement? And the Install Symphony Tutorial still says 5.0. I guess anyway the installer would not allow the user to continue if it didn't meet min. reqs.?

I can investigate the password escaping issue if you provide a little more detail.

@brendo, Thanks. All I know is that when I looked in /manifests/config.php I saw:

###### DATABASE ######
'database' => array(
    'host' => 'localhost',
    'port' => '3306',
    'user' => 'someuser',
    'password' => 'H38vVIU8\"f56+A2=5E5ue',
    'db' => 'somename',
    'sym_prefix' => 'sym_',

The backslash is not part of the password (not my actual password, but similar).

I'm afraid I can't be sure how the backslash got into the password, but I'm sure I didn't do it because it would have been a copy/paste moment at installation time. So I've assumed an escaping process kicked in during the 2.3.6 installation process. Indeed, an older backup of the config.php file shows it escaped too. I'm puzzled that it continued to work afterwards, but was it perhaps because it was hashed elsewhere?

Symphony 2.6.1 has been released which fixes the SESSION issue, clarifies the README and fixes an issue rendering pages on Windows machines.

@cylk Good point. From our perspective, we're just trying to safeguard ourselves from any potential changes that MySQL 5.5 will introduce now that MySQL 5.0/5.1 support is stopped. At this stage Symphony doesn't use any advanced functionality of MySQL that is likely to change between different MySQL 5.x versions.

We've been burnt by supporting PHP 5.2 for too long that I didn't want to this to happen with MySQL as well. It's a soft requirement, one could say.

As for the password bug, if you're original installation was done prior to 2.5.0, we applied escaping to the value using addslashes. Since 2.5.0, this was removed in favour of var_export. This means you should be able to remove the from your password in the config.php file on Symphony 2.5.0+ :)

Symphony 2.6.4 is now out! You can read the complete release log here. Please report any issues!

All right! Thanks a lot Symphony Team!

Hello everybody,

my webhoster only supports MySQL 5.1, is there a way to run the newest Symphony 2.6.x version on it?

Thanks a lot Lovis Suchmann

@Lovis Suchmann it will most likely work at this point - but there are new features which we would like to start using in the near future, and raising the requirement allows us to make the most of the new features as well as performance updates.

@dersuchmann I've run it yes, but the latest version checks for MySQL's version. Just change that line from 5.5 to 5.1

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