Hey all. Just a reminder, if you go to the Vimeo Symphony CMS group page, you can find a few XSLT Basics tutorials.

I added one today... on a very basic subject, <xsl:for-each>.

XSLT Basics: Using xsl:for-each

The purpose for this was to make the barrier to entry much easier for folks. Allen's videos on apply-templates and recursion are still very useful.

NOTE: if you find the new ones useful, please consider donating via the Vimeo Tip Jar.

Also, would more videos be useful for the community???

More videos would be more than welcome. I get the feeling that most of you are developers and are very familiar with these stuff, but I'm not (and I assume am not the only one) and video tutorials would help a lot for symphony to become more understandable to more people, since it's easier to follow video than to concentrate on reading.

If you could cover stuff in symphony itself like

  • listing recent articles
  • creating new sections and adding them on new pages

Maybe also making a video of this tutorial from 04 Website backend - to frontend

that would be very helpful.

Thanks, Brian for putting together a video!

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