I don't remember having this issue with error pages before, but I'm struggling to get my 404 page working correctly.

I've created the page and assigned it the type of '404', and it triggers when and as you'd expect.

The problem is that unlike all of my other pages it doesn't seem to want to pull in the master template, i.e. <xsl:import href="../utilities/master.xsl"/> isn't doing anything.

Looking at the ?debug everything looks as I'd expect, the master file is included as a 'child' of the 404 page, but the 'Result' only contains the code from the 404 template.

This is on a 2.5.2 site.

Is this a feature or a bug?

@nathanhornby seems weird, just in case the match statement is correct on your 404 page? not the same as the master template.

Last time I've used 404 pages I didn't have any problem and this is the only thing that comes to mind.

I feel like an idiot now!

Yup that was it, I generally change my match statement to /, but this was the default data.

Something I do on a regular basis, didn't even cross my mind!

Thanks @gunglien

No problem, things that happen. Usually the things you do regularly are the hardest to spot.

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