This is a weird one, hoping someone's seen it before.

We have a site that exists on 3 machines (2 development, one testing). All of a sudden new pages aren't rendering on one machine.

Looking at the debug, this is due to some markdown content outputting differently on the different machines. But only for entries created after an arbitrary date.

The working versions look like:

<content mode="formatted"><h2>Put the fun into fundraising!</h2>

The one that doesn't work is outputting as:

<content mode="formatted">&lt;h2&gt;Put the fun into fundraising!&lt;/h2&gt;

Both are coming from the exact same database.

So <xsl:copy-of select="node/*" /> renders blank on the second example.

There are many near identical sections/fields that output just fine - only a few pages are doing this, and it seems they're ones that were recently created. But as I say, they render fine on 2 machines, just not on another.

Anyone got any ideas?

Some things I'd check:

  • In the database, what is the value_formatted stored as?
  • Check the datasource settings, particularly HTML Encode setting (maybe it was saved on one machine?)
  • Try creating a new datasource for the problem section and check the result
  • If you create an entry right now, is it consistent on all three machines? Cycle through creating an entry on each machine and comparing the results on the other machines (this might isolate the problem machine)
  • Check that arbitrary date and use git bisect to find out if there were any code changes that could impact it
  • Any the machines identical infrastructure? Did they have any OS level updates?
  • Did any extensions update on any of these machines?
  • Is the code identical on all three machines?

Thanks for the tips @brendo - I'll run through those when I get a chance - fortunately it's not a show-stopper as the machine causing the issue is one of the development machines (not the test server, which is where the site will live) - but would be good to get to the bottom of it.

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