A new extension, "Remote Datasource" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

I didn't even realise this extension was missing from this site, so here it is =)

More importantly, I've just pushed a commonly requested feature to the integration branch, output parameters! This allows you to run XPath over the data and expose the values as parameters in the parameter pool. You can then use these values in other datasources as you normally would expect.

I'm using it in a development site at the moment and it's really streamlined development as the majority of the data is coming from a third party and enhanced by Symphony. I hope others find it just as useful!

Sounds interesting! :)

This is a life-saver, just realised this week that YouTube's API is switching from v2 (XML) to v3 (JSON) and this extension (along with Sym 2.6) made updating an old site that relies almost exclusively on YouTube an absolute breeze! Thanks so much Brendo!

Thank you very much @brendo for this extensions, really useful (probably one of the most important extension of Symphony I think). I have used it to work with an Excel file as explained here, for ease of use for my client. If you are curious to see how it works, I just made a screencast about it.

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