I've already made an issue on github for it, but maybe somebody here has also the problem and a solution.

With 2.6 when I save an importer the datasource seems to be lost (No DataSource selected error, thanks to Nils last commit you can see this message or a preview of the datasource).

When you run the importer it returns the error: Failed to retrieve data from source: Status code 0 was returned. Content-type:

In the log I found errors like this:

DOMXPath::evaluate(): Invalid type on line 251 


The problem is in the remote datasource with using the $root parameter for the path to the XML source. When I change that to the full path the importer seems to work

Not so sure. I have noticed that error when using another parameter in the url. If the remote datasource is executed before the one giving the parameter, the error appears. Here is a workaround: you can manually add the parameter as a dependency in your remote datasource.

Open your data.yourremotedatasourcename.php file and replace

public function __construct($env=NULL, $process_params=true)
    parent::__construct($env, $process_params);
    $this->_dependencies = array();


public function __construct($env=NULL, $process_params=true)
    parent::__construct($env, $process_params);
    $this->_dependencies = array('$ds-parameter-from-other.datasource');

So the error should not happen again and you can use $root parameter in the path of the remote datasource.

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