I have installed a copy of Symphony 2.6 on on a subdomain of my hosting and I get in return the error: mod_rewrite is not enabled. Installed in local it works.

The hosting confirms that mod_rewrite is enabled and suggests to make some changement on configuration files. But I have no idea how to proceed.

My setup is php 5.4.44, more datils:link text

The .htaccess file is:

It looks like the webserver your host is using is LiteSpeed. I'm not familiar with LiteSpeed, but maybe Symphony's .htaccess file, which is written for Apache, needs tweaking. For example, perhaps LiteSpeed's rewrite feature isn't detected with <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>. (Just a guess.)

I suggest sending your host the .htaccess file and asking them if it needs modifying.

Thanks Oliver,

I have posed the question to my hosting but they said that "can't answer" and to pose the question to a programmer. At this stage I don't know if it is better to try fixing this issue or change the hosting.

@enricooo -

Try removing the <IfModule> stuff from .htaccess like so...

My guess is that LiteSpeed doesn't like the <IfModule> stuff.

Thanks bzerangue, unfortunately removing <IfModule> doesn't solve the problem.

I found a casual and temporary solution for the cms hosted in the subdomain. I wrote and then deleted in the .htaccess the code: RewriteRule ^.*$ mod_rewrite.php that somehow has changed the general configuration and the cms has started working.

But when I tried to put a new copy of symphony on the main domain folder the new .htaccess probably has modified some features and the mod_rewrite error has appeared again.

This make me think that the problem isn't inside htaccess.

Could it be to do with the environment variable HTTP_MOD_REWRITE? Perhaps you can set it to yes either from the .htaccess file (however LiteSpeed requires that to be done) or via PHP.

I have set SetEnv HTTP_MOD_REWRITE yes as suggested but the error is still present. I have no knowledge about php to set yes via php. Anyway really thanks David.

I don't have any other ideas myself. To be honest, if the web hosting company is so unwilling to help I'd look for another provider. I tend to use VPSes for sites these days, but my UK-based shared hosting provider has jumped on code-based problems and even made fixes for me in the past.

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