A new extension, "Workspacer" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

Workspace Manager B and Workspace Manager C are replaced by Workspacer. Workspacer works on Symphony 2.5+ and is compatible with Symphony 3.0-alpha.

Really nice, thanks

Hey Petertron,

Nice extension. Been using it on a recent project and it's very handy. One thing I've noticed is it's a bit unstable with permissions. I've got a master.xsl template in my utilities folder that I'm trying to edit, but it keeps reverting to the previous copy before I made changes and clicked save. No matter what I do, once I click the save changes button. It just reloads with the verison before the changes.


The problem is not to do with file permissions. Workspacer saves documents by making an AJAX call. If the page reloads then the JS has slipped up. I am curious to know which browser you are using, since the saving process relies on two events firing in the right order.

Workspacer updated to version 0.1.1 on 24th of September 2015

Hi Petertron,

I'm using Chrome on Windows 7 most of the time. It only seems to effect certain files.

Simpler XSLT files with 1 or 2 templates save fine.

Some templates are also visibly missing the closing 'xsl:template' and 'xsl:stylesheet' tags in some instances.

But when I inspect the files they have the closing tags as expected.

Just so you are aware.

I too have experienced issues with the file appearing to truncate the closing tags. Symphony reads them as missing as well, but the original files are intact.

It is still a mystery to me how some of the closing tags are not being displayed in some files. I have not had this problem with any of my XSL files. Looking through the syntax highlighter code has not led to a fix yet.

Could it be comment tags? '<!-- -->'

Do any of the files you use have comment tags in them?

There is definitely something it does not like and seems to truncate the file incorrectly.


Yup, there are comment tags in my files. If you like, you can raise an issue on GitHub and give me examples of files that are not being displayed correctly.

Ok will do, thanks.

Workspacer updated to version 0.2.0 on 17th of October 2015

This new version is not an attempt at fixing the problem of closing tags not being displayed.

For best results use Firefox. If anyone notices the glitch in Chrome or Vivaldi where the caret cannot be placed on the last line if the last line is blank, I know about it.

Edit 23 Oct: The above is null and void now.

Workspacer updated to version 0.2.1 on 23rd of October 2015

Posted an issue on github @petertron

Workspacer updated to version 0.3.0 on 6th of April 2016

Workspacer updated to version 0.3.2 on 9th of April 2016

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