Has anything changed in the past couple of years with regard to how to handle inline images in Symphony?

It's the one frequent bug bear of mine when using the CMS (I can live with one!), that when producing something like a blog, or a generic page layout, the 'content' field ends up being too restrictive. Even some of the more featureful text formatters (namely CK) have some strange ideas about how to handle images.

I guess what Symphony really needs is some kind of file manager, a la WordPress (you won't hear me say that very often!). That way the user could at least retrieve URLs easily when using markdown - and would give CK a sensible place to grab images from that's a bit more intuitive. This could be handled with a section of course, but it feels to me like a core feature that could be accommodated in some way.

I'd also still love to see the drag and drop image upload functionality directly in the 'Editor' text formatter (perhaps using the multi upload field to make it happen) - this was discussed somewhere at some point, but unfortunately requires a greater mind than mine to execute.

So any new techniques about? Any workflow that people are finding their clients really get on with? Anything on the roadmap?

I love to use the ninja technique for that kind of things with a template as shown here

@nathanhornby I plan to work on a medium.js integration soon. Image and video embed would be possible :) Stay tuned!

@nathanhornby I use the ninja technique more or less similar to what @plenaforma mentioned + an Association Field which handles Image uploads / linking + a UI on the formatter to automate the markup for the ninja technique.

Let me know I should be able to show you a demo, ps currently I'm uploading images to S3 but technique not restricted to S3.

Association Field and UI is the way I do it too. It's the most flexible approach to assign references in the content area without bloated markup from WYSIWYG editors.. Redactor has a nice image resizing and video embed element, but it brings HTML code across and doesn't retain the nice markdown feel we all love.

Association Field and UI is the way I do it too. It's the most flexible approach to assign references in the content area without bloated markup from WYSIWYG editors.

My approach too.

Anyone wants to create a sir trevor or medium.js formatter ? :)

@nitriques, I've solved this with an Association field and a custom Markdown formatter, it makes it dead easy for clients to add vidoes + images and whatever they want. Extension is public (but not greatly doucmented. Will try to get screenshots to update it). Currently it requires them linking the entry via the Association Field before they are able to use it, but that can be updated in a future version to happen all within the editor. Previews below whoever thinks its useful let me know and I'll try to give it some more love.

alt text

alt text

alt text


Is this available on a repo somewhere to take a look at all?

Looks really useful for a few of our clients with rich media.

Andrew, it's available here but feel free to get in touch so I can help you out with it, maybe I can even beef up a bit the documentation if needed and make a public release.

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