I'm in the process of re-building a registration form that submits to multiple sections. I thought Sections Event would be great.

Then discovered it doesn't work with Members 1.3 or above. Which in turn means I working backwards with version of Symphony to get all these extensions playing ball.

So as I not wanting to go down this route and spend ages retro fitting each extension, I was thinking that a custom event that gathers all post data and checks it against each section that it's submitting into and stops the form submittal in it's tracks if any sections data has errors. This seems the safest option right now but obviously wondering if anyone has had any success with an event that can collect this data upon posting an kill the process before anything hits the database?

Basically wondering if anyone knows how to remove the permissions and members code from sections event extension as I think it's overkill for my needs.

Any pointers/links to code that could get me started would be great.


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