I'm very new to symphony and to developing in general, so I'm sorry if this is a very dumb question. However, I don't understand, when I want to create a new project, when I already have symphony do I just create a new workspace, or do I install a new symphony on my server, or what? I tried both, and it just got confusing, installing a new symphony every time just doesn't make sense, but the workspace folder has the project specific files, so it seems to work for just one project. Thank you.

Yup, you need to install the complete installation for every website you like to host. And the workspace folder contains your project specific files. Sounds logical because you will also host it on different domains.

I think it maybe will be possible to setup a single install for multiple domains but than you have to make separate htacces files, workspace and manifest folders. But that will needs some customization.

If you like to build from a basic you always can use the export ensemble possibility (

Happy building Makar!

Yes. While it is possible to run multiple sites from one installation, this isn't standard functionality and until you have experience of Symphony sites it would very likely be better to stick to one installation per site.

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