A new extension, "Jade Editor" is now available for download. Comments and feedback can be left here but if you discover any issues, please post it on the issue tracker.

That's great! Please consider adding to as well!

Oops, extensions website seems to be down...

@nitriques adding something to via github seems broken for a long time. Have you been working on that?

@vincentd Sorry, it's back up !

@animaux Do you have any errors ?? Last time I've tested it, it was working...

No errors. Simply no repos showing up after logging in.

Extensions (0)

lang_german should show up. Maybe it’s not because it’s still shown as belonging to hananils? He was not able to take it off the extensions site though.

@nitriques , @animaux and @vincentd: I just wrote a proposal regarding issues on so that they don't have to be discussed all over the place anymore ;)

Jade Editor added to, no need to rename the folder.

This is my first extension and I have a github question. I used a class from talesoft and it s all included in the repo, as it is declared in composer I feel it s useless to include everything, how can i just link to talesoft's repo in github?

For Symphony extensions this has been, and continues to be as far as I know, done with Git submodules. The Symphony Extensions site provides the Git commands for users that will recursively clone the extension repo and its submodules; note the --recursive on the end.

git submodule add extensions/jade_editor --recursive

So this command adds the Jade Editor extension itself to the installation as a submodule, and pulls down the Jade Editor extension’s submodules as well. (And their submodules...)

Thanks David, it was more related to Github than, to create an alias from a github repo (the one of the extension) to another one (the one of php class used by the extension). I ll find and read github's doc ;-)

Thanks, I tried, messed up everything, trying to unlink, revert... haha. I need to learn and I will

Yeah, submodules can be like that, unfortunately.

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