Hey everyone,

Not exactly a n00b but definitely a lurker here in the forums... :) Been using Symphony since 2011.

I've been bitten by the Docker bug recently and, given that I need to migrate a VERY old symphony based system to a new server, I wondered if I could get it working nicely in a Docker container. I googled around a bit but I couldn't find much out there specific to Symphony, so I decided to learn how to write a Dockerfile myself.

I've ended up with a little Dockerfile project over at GitHub that sets up a container inheriting from the official PHP Apache container, pulls in the latest Symphony repo, switches to the bundle branch, grabs the extensions and default workspace etc. as per the install guide.

This project is also triggering an automatic build over at the Docker Hub, so that all you need to do to try it out is start a MySQL container and then pull this one and link them up (complete instructions at the GitHub and Docker Hub pages).

Obviously, this just sets up an initial install. Moving forward I probably want/need to add a way to mount volumes for custom workspaces, extension configurations etc. but, you know, small steps and all that. I'd love to get it working as a Dockerfile within the main Symphony repo as well rather than a separate one (probably need to run commands to set up all the git modules "manually" in the master branch or something).

Is this of interest to anyone? Looking at my repo it seems that a couple of people have forked it and that "DustyWilson" is using a customised version for running sites at some company called "SCJ Alliance" - No idea if that's in production or not.

Wow that's cool! I'll give it a try!

Are you running in any troubles right now ? Head up on gitter if you ever need quick help !

Thanks! Please do give it a try - feedback welcome :)

No problems right now (only making the time to make progress). I'm only running a vanilla install though, will be interesting to see what other dependencies/config I need to add to get my production site up & running.

David very nice :) I only use one docker instance for dev work - I've got a major client and I set up the same stack he has on production (LNMP). Though I'm mounting files from my dev machine for simplicity - I'll try have a look as it seems a very interesting setup.

Cheers :)

I will also be mounting files from my host machine for development (and possibly in my production environment also, though I do like the idea of baking my workspace into a container too). If you do try it out, please let me know how you get on.

will be interesting to see what other dependencies/config I need to add to get my production site up & running.

Probably just a couple of git clone ;)

haha, I hope so! Although I might need to add some additional PHP modules for the extensions I use

I've now got a Dockerfile working from the Symphony-2 repository itself (just needed to manually add the extension and workspace submodules is all). Seems to work great. Pull request? :)

As I said on the chat earlier, create a separate repo :)

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