I'm getting a lag of average 29 seconds to access the Sections page in the admin, on the local host. Is there a way to find out where the bottleneck is?

Watching the timeline I see the problem lies in, so no remote js or other assets are involved...


Are there any file upload fields in the lagging sections?

Very good tip, andrrr,
I installed gulp in the workspace, with the huge number of folders under node_modules. That is the knot.

Interesting, so the file upload fields were trying to get the directory listing to show which caused a slowdown?

Definitely. Not to mention that in such case the /uploads folder was at the bottom of the thousand folders, and there was no way to skip to the bottom of it, etc. :)

@Manaus, in fact you can by simply typing the name of desired folder.

  1. click on select box
  2. type: folder name

it'l jump to it right away

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